Deer Hunts

Weather-appropriate camo clothing
Comfortable hiking boots
Personal items
Your personal rifle or bow (We can furnish a rifle if necessary)

Upland Game Bird Hunts

Comfortable hiking boots (You will walk 5-7 miles per day)
Brush pants (Bass Pro & Cabela’s sell them)
Layered clothing (We furnish a blaze orange cap and upland game bird vests)
We furnish shotguns and shells


If you choose to hunt with archery equipment, please specify this on your contract. An archery hunt generally requires more time and a different stand location. We must know ahead of time to properly prepare your set-up.

It is imperative that gun hunters familiarize themselves with their weapons. Upon arrival, we will accompany each gun hunter to our shooting range to sight in the weapon that he/she will be using. If we feel that your rifle is not performing accurately, we will provide one of our excellent camp rifles. If you wish to travel without the hassle of checking a firearm, do not hesitate to ask for one of ours. At least 40% of our guests use our camp rifles.


Transportation to and from the Tulsa International Airport is available upon request. Please plan your arrival and departure to coincide with the start and finish times of your hunt. Although we generally finish our hunts early, they often require the three full days as scheduled. WE CANNOT BE EXPECTED TO HARVEST AN ANIMAL FOR A HUNTER WHO ARRIVES LATE AND DEPARTS EARLY.

You should plan to arrive at TUL for your hunt on Monday at or before noon. You should schedule your departure flight around 3:00 PM or later on Thursday. If your hunt ends early, we will provide airport transportation accordingly. The Tulsa airport is about 70 minutes away from Rocker W Ranch.